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How can you help support SHO and its participants?

Sponsorship Classifications


  • Individual Sponsorship ($30.00)- See the Membership Form for more Info.

  • Family Sponsorship ($60.00)- See the Membership Form for more Info.

  • Class Sponsorship ($150.00)- Announcement for recognition will be done several times throughout the shows and while the class is going on. Advertisement/ recognition on the website and on Facebook will also be given.

  • Corporate Sponsorship ($500.00)- A banner will be made & will be hung at all SHO events. They will also receive acknowledgements throughout all SHO events.

  • Other Amount or non-monetary donations- Recognition and appreciation will be announced at the SHO events it is benefitting.


***Prices are subjected to change before the first event of the 2014 show year***



Because SHO being a non-profit organization, we rely on our sponsorships and participation fees to help fund the organiztion's events and prizes. SHO greatly appreciates all who volunteer their time to help coordinate, support, and sponsor the group and its events. Without your help and donations we would not be able to be successful. And for that, all of the members of SHO (participants and coordinators) would like to give you all a great big THANK YOU!

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