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losed gate policy; The closed gate policy has taken effect this year (2009) & will have to be adhered to by all associations/ organizations renting/using the facility.It is the association/organization's responsibility to have a gate worker assigned to this area of the barn throughout the duration of any show2014 Southern Horsemen's

General Horse Show Rules



  1. SHO shall abide by the rules of the American Quarter Horse Association (AQHA) Rule Book. All established rules of SHO rules will replace rules of AQHA where applicable. Future rule changes by the AQHA shall be reviewed by the SHO board of directors for approval prior to the beginning of any given show season. The horse show season shall commence on January 1 of each year and end on December 31 of the same year.

  2. Events: All approved SHO horse shows must offer to the contestants all classes that have been preset for that show season. If there are less than 3 competetors in a class, SHO reserves the right to not have the class or combine with another age group. If someone wishes to add a class that is not offered, a minimum of 3 competitors are needed in order for the class to be held. Approved events will include a variety of Halter, English, Western Judged & Speed Events. (See Show Bill for all recognized events)

  3. Awards: Year-end awards will be predicated deppending on points and participation in the approved events (See Show Bill). Quality of awards will vary depending on the amount of participants in the class throughout the year and whether or not the class was sponsored. 1st place through 3rd place that meets the award requirements will be recongnized with an award. Those who meet the awards requirements but do not place in the Top 3 may recieve a participation award if the year- end funds allow.

  • Year- End Class Award Requirements:

-Must participate in the class(es) a minimum of 5 times as the same Team (1 Horse/ 1 Rider)

-Class needs to be sponsored for a buckle to be awarded

-Quality of awards may vary for classes that are not sponsored 

-1st through 3rd place will be awarded 


  • High Point Award Requirements:

-Must participate at a minimum of 5 shows as the same Team (1 Horse/ 1 Rider)

-Judged Event High Point will include all points a Team has recieved in any Halter, English, & Western Judged Events

-Speed Event High Point will include any points a Team has recieved in any Speed Events.

-Participants may qualify for a High Point Award as more than one (1) Team

-A Champion and Reserce Champion will be awarded in all Divisions ( Pony- 12 & Under, Pee Wee- 13 & Under, Junior 14-18, & Senior 19 & Over


  • All Around High Point Requirements:

-Must particiapte at a minimum for 5 shows as the same Team (1 Horse/ 1 Rider)

-A Team must participate in at least 1 Halter, 1 Judged, & 1 Speed event and each event needs a minimum of 5 attandances by the Team.

-Participants may qualify for All Around High Point as more than one (1) Team

-A Champion and Reserce Champion will be awarded in all Divisions ( Pony- 12 & Under, Pee Wee- 13 & Under, Junior 14-18, & Senior 19 & Over


  1. Divisions: There are four (4) recongnized age divisions - Pony- 12 & Under (52" or under), Pee Wee (13 & Under), Junior (14-18) and Senior (19 & Over) divisions. Not all approved classes will be offered in each age division. The age of an exhibitor throughout the show season shall be his/her age as of January 1st of that show season. An exhibitor must show in his/her respective age division in all approved classes. The association shall reserve the right to require proof of age of any exhibitor before allowing his/her entry.

  2. Tardiness: All horses entered in a class must be assembled in ample time and enter the arena when called for. A tardy contestant may be denied competition by the judge. Entry fees will not be refunded.

  3. Dress Code: In all judged classes, except where English tack is used, it is mandatory to wear appropriate Western attire, including: western boots, jeans, long sleeved collard shirt (short sleeve if aproved by judge for hot months), western hat, & belt. Chaps are optional. In speed events western boots, pants, and a shirt is mandatory. All English tack is mandatory for all shows, Jackets may be waved at the discretion of the judge in hot months.

  4. Equipment: No exhibitors shall be tied, buckled or fastened in the saddle in any permanent manner during competition. This is for the safety of the rider.

  5. Authority: The Judge shall have the authority to request the removal or alteration of any piece of equipment that, in his/her opinion, would tend to give an unfair advantage. The Judge shall have the authority to place a horse in whatever position in a class he/she thinks the merit of the horse justifies. Once a class has been judged, it shall not be re-judged. Once a judge has marked his/her record there will be no changes. Each Judge is responsible for marking his/her placing on the form provided by the association. A judge may order any person or horse from the competition for bad conduct of one or both, or may disqualify any contestant for excessive abuse of the horse. A horse may be disqualified for unsoundness at the discretion of the judge. the Judge is not required to officiate timed events.

  6. Year-End Awards: The association shall award an annual high point award to the Team (one horse-one rider) combination that has earned the most points in their respective classes. It is the intention of the Board of Directors to give buckles as year-end awards for high point horse in each approved class. However, the Board of Directors, according to funds available during that given year, shall determine the quality of these awards. In the event of financial difficulties, these awards can be changed in their nature upon approval of general membership. In the event of a stalemate between the Board of Directors and the general membership, the Board of directors decision shall be final. The secretary shall furnish the point standings to each member at least every three (3) months. Since Halter Stallions and Geldings are two separate events, point earned in the stallion class may not be transferred to the gelding class when the same horse is shown in both classes during one show season. If however, prior to being gelded the horse has accumulated the most stallion points of the season and has met the established criteria for high point horse of that event, he shall be declared the high point stallion of that season. An exhibitor must exhibit (as a Member) in at least five (5) approved SHO shows for each appropriate class in order to be eligible for any year-end awards for that class. Any horse shown by a paid member, regardless of horse's age or breed, can accumulate points in their appropriate class. All around award Team combination must show in at least one halter/ showmanship class, one judge event class and one speed event class in at least five shows as a member to be eligible.

  7. An exhibitor may show more than one horse in the same event deppending if the class allows. If a judge calls for rail work, then only one horse will be permitted to be shown.

  8. Placings: Each class must be placed through the 6th horse. If a horse is disqualified, however, it is not to be placed even if there are six (6) or fewer horses in the class.

  9. Points: Contestants placing in the top six (6) will be giving a point for each exhibitor placing below them plus one point, not to exceed six (6) points for first place. Point are calculated through 6th place. POINTS ARE ONLY TRANSFERABLE FROM ONE HORSE TO ANOTHER IN THE EVENT OF DEATH. VETERINARY SIGN CERTIFICATE REQUIRED. Points will begin accumulation upon receipt of annual membership dues. Point shall not be retroactive.

    • Example: In a class of six (6) or more horses, 1st place contestant receives six (6) points, 2nd place contestant receives five (5) points and so on down through 6th place. In a class of four(4) horses, 1st place receives four (4) and second (2nd) place- three (3) points and so on.

  10. Awards: The show sponsors shall supply awards for placings. It is recommended, by this organization, that these awards be in keeping with the entry fee charged. There shall be named high point awards shall be based on a one Team (horse-one) rider combination and shall be awarded to the Team combination accumulating the most points of the day in his/her age division. Results of all events of the show, with the exception of exhibition classes, shall be used to determine the winner. However, the exhibitor must show in at least three(3) events as a member to be eligible. In the event of a tie, the exhibitor with the most 1st place wins shall be the winner. A tie, which cannot be broken by placings, may be broken by the flip of a coin or duplicate awards given at the discretion of the sponsor.

  11. Upon receipt of your membership dues, all registered members agree to abide by the rules and regulations as set forth by SHO.

  12. A tab may be run for entry fees at a show provided a signed check payable to SHO is accompanying the the entry(s). No EXCEPTIONS!

  13. Refund Policy: The association has a no refund policy. If an exhibitor scratches from a class for any reason after an entry card has been received, the entry fee will not be refunded. Entry fees will only be refunded in cases where a veterinarian certificate is presented to the show management prior to the end of the show. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  14. Exhibition Run: Exhibition classes will only be offered at all horse shows. Any exhibitor may ride as an exhibition run. The entry fee will be discounted for that class. All exhibitors running exhibition runs will do so immediately following the last exhibitor in the respective class of the last division. Exhibition fees are not included in the all day member fee. 45 second time limit on exhibition runs and a $5.00 fee may be applied if anyone chooses to go over this limit.

  15. Timer Malfunction: In the event of a timer malfunction, the exhibitor will be allowed one rerun, THAT RUN WILL STAND. reruns will not be allowed in the instance of rider's equipment failer. Once an exhibitor has exited the show ring, he/she may not return during the same class unless called for. Practice runs are not allowed except during announced breaks. Entry fees will not be refunded.

  16. SHO assumes no responsibility for injuries to exhibitors, horse, and/ or spectators. SHO assumes no responsibility for lost or stolen items including, but not limited to, tack, horse, personal items, ect.

  17. Youth exhibitors are not allowed to show stallions of any age in any class.

  18. Entry Card: Each Team (one horse/one rider) combination must use the same number at every show for record keeping. This includes all speed event exhibitors. One can be assigned to the exhibitor if needed. There should not be any duplicated numbers for more then one participating Team. An exhibitor MUST use the same horse's name on his/her entry card throughout the entire show season. It is not the responsibility of the show secretary to know that a horse's barn and registered name are for the same horse for the purpose of point keeping for year end -awards. If a separate set of points is being recorded on the same horse due to entry cards reflecting two different horse's names or numbers, points will be dropped on one of the horse/rider combination. All points earned before becoming a member will not be counted for year end awards or high point show awards.

  19. Show management reserves the right to add classes if three (3) or more entries are received. Class awards will be given only if the added class has five (5) or more entries. Ribbons will be awarded for classes with less than five (5) entries. Show managment also reserves the right to not hold any class, recognized or not, if there are less then 3 entries.

  20. Only classes approved prior to the first show of the season will be considered for year-end awards

  21. Weanling halter classes will be offered at all shows beginning in June as long as there are 3 or more entries. These classes will NOT be year-end award classes.

  22. NSF Checks: There will be a $25.00 fee for all NSF checks . Any person who does not make good on NSF check and fees within fifteen (15) days or by the next show date, whichever occurs first will lose all accumulated show points, and will only be able to show on a cash basis for the remainder of the year.

  23. Pony Classes: Pony height will not exceed 52". Riders must be 12 years old or under . (age as of January 1). Riders are also eligible to ride in 13 & Under classes. For Separate points .

Florida Parishes Arena

  1. Closed gate policy: The closed gate policy has took effect in 2009 & will have to be adhered to by all associations/ organizations renting/using the facility. Exhibitors may run in but they may not run out for any reason.

  2. It is the association/organization's responsibility to have a gate worker assigned to this area of the barn throughout the duration of any show. Helps and volunteers are greatly appreciated by SHO.

  3. No horses are to be ties to any arena structure. Unattended horses must be in a stall or trailer. This is for safety reasons.

WARNING: under Louisiana law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks or equine activities, pursuant to R.S. 9:2795.3.
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