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2014 Show Dates

March 9                July 20

April 13                 August 10

May 18                  September 28

June 29                 October 19

All Horse Shows Gates will Open at 7:00 a.m.- Shows will Start at 9:00 a.m.- Speed will not Start Before 1:00 p.m.


Halter: Stallions, Geldings, Mares & Showmenship

English: Walk- Trot, Hunter Under Saddle,

Equitation, Green Hunter Hack, &

Hunter Hack

Western: Walk- trot, Western Pleasure,

Horsemanship, Trail, Reining & Ranch Horse Pleasure

Speed: Stake Race, Quads, Pole Bending, Barrels,

Straight- Away Barrels, & Arena Race

*Recognized Exhibition classes offered at all Shows*

*See Show Bill for complete information on the events*

Age Groups

Pony: 12 & Under

*Height 52" and under

Pee Wee: 13 & Under

Junior: 14-18

Senior: 19 & Over

*Ages as of January 1, 2014*


Donor/Member:$6.00 per class - OR -

$50.00 All Day (1 horse/1rider/1classification)

General Public: $8.00 per class

Exhibitions: $3.00 per ride (45 second time limit)

$5.00 over time fee

Arena Staff: Day Stall $5.00 – Shaving- $6.00 per bag

RV Hookup $25.00 – Will be available after 7:00 a.m


A Copy of Negative Coggins on all horses being entered in any events will be required for SHO to keep on file.


 Prices are subjected to change before the first 2014 show


  • Tabs will require a signed check payable to SHO



  • No refunds for classes scratched or missed


  • Additional classes will be added upon request with preferably a minimum of 3 participants


  • Classes are not requires to be held when there are less than 3 entires



  • Weanling Halter Classes will be added at the June show & is not a buckle/point earning class


  • Class awards, High Point Awards, All Around Awards - In the event of a tie, the Team (1 Horse/1 Rider) with the most first place's will recieve the award. If the tie still cannot be broken a coin toss will determine the winner.


  • All Points go to a Team (1horse/1 rider). Points will only be transferred in the event of a death and a veterinary death certificate required.


  • Teams must show in an event(s) at least 5 times to qualify for any year- end awards.


  • Teams must show in at least 3 classes, at a minimum of 5 shows, to qualify for a All Around awards

    • 1 In Hand Event

    • 1 Judged Event

    • 1 Speed Event


  • Any ponies entered in Pony events must be 52" or shorter & rider must be 12 year of age or younger

WARNING: under Louisiana law, an equine activity sponsor or equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant in equine activities resulting from the inherent risks or equine activities, pursuant to R.S. 9:2795.3.
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