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About the SHO Group

Southern Horsemen’s Organization, Inc. (SHO) is a non-profit corporation organized to foster national amateur horse event competition. By promoting the art of horsemanship through education and competition, SHO assists horse-rider partners in developing the requisite skills, experience, and points necessary for regional and national competition.


SHO is currently seeking tax-exempt status from the IRS which usually takes some time. Upon obtaining that status, donations to SHO will be tax deductible. Although donations are not currently tax deductible, they are essential to achieving our mission.


Participation in SHO’s programs is open to any person with any breed of horse that is negative for Equine Infectious Anemia (negative Coggins). We welcome all participants, donor or non-donor, to participate in as many events as they wish. We also encourage anyone of the genaral public to come to any of the SHO events to watch and support the participants. By helping us expanding the SHO group, we will grow closer to reaching our goal of beicing a tax-exempt non-profit organization.


We hope to see you soon!

SHO Team Members

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